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December 1 December Updates! Learn more in December!
December 9! The Founders Birthday! Been
December 17 Christmas Party Event! 2013! On Know!
December 27 Coins For chace starts!
December 31 - 1st New Years Eve!
Janruary 6 Lego TakeOver!Event Party!
LEGO Minifigures Series 9 Figures 2013
Janruary 15 Indiana jones TakeOver 2013
Janruary 25 DC Comics  Party Event!More Events coming soon!Stay on Tune!

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Hello! Welcome to Wikiya Wiki! Its about Everything so help me and join the Team! Earn awards! play games in the future! My subject is to make everybody know the staff I know and enjoy its really like my home or like think its like a School! You can always Edit and grow my wiki! If you start editing its not only my Wiki but its your wiki as well! You can always chat and I hope you have a very good time in this Wiki...ya!

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