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The Lego Movie
is a very Awesome Movie! Created by the Lego Team and the by the creators of Cloudy of a chance of Meat balls! The movie is coming to the big screen (cinemas)in 2014 Febrauary 7! The main character Emmit! So there is posters of this movie even if theres months left its still very popular!And it has sets don't say that Emmit dosen't have a smily face he does! This is a link to the movie! Check it out its awesome!These are the character names! Emmet





Green Lantern




                                   President Business


                                                                                    Bad Cop / Good Cop 



                                                                   Spaceman Benny


Those are all the characters! The Lego Movie Is made in America an Austaillia! Its officialy Created by The Lego Group! It involves Dc characters and Marvel and It acually involoves every Set of Lego! Its a slow motion picture. It got announced in Comic Con 2013! Everybody is exited it to come out! Well I am Exited about The Movie Coming out!                              


The Lego Movie
X-wing plans

This is a set of Lego.