DarkSpace's full name is Dark Fusion Matter - Andrey for real.He is Chat Mod. 

DarkSpace never needs to eat because he is "powered" by Dark Fusion Matter.Before he landed on Meat Logic World, Space lived on his planet with other Darkerian's,on Translax. After Apocalypse that killed almost everyone and planet. Space and other ones who didn't die made a portal to antorher potentially safe planet, portal was really, really, REALLY unstable, no one wanted to go in there but Space. Space juped into it, since portal was supposted to send passingers to rendom was here. He has Dark Crystal, Dark Ring Of Power. DarkSpace is friendly, strange, sometimes creepy, crazy and a little bit romantic. Space lives in the Icelands in a deep hole. Space is Darkerian,he is shaped like triangle with one eye and four or more separated arms. Space is only one that survived apocalypse, Darkerian spices has been killed after "Light Apocalypse". Space survived thanks to outsider powers and...well, luck I guess.

Status: Neutral,Unstable